Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery is the gold standard of treating basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas in certain locations of the body.

A specially trained surgeon removes one very thin layer of skin at a time to remove the tumor. It is processed in office and turned into slides, which are checked under a microscope. If the surgeon detects cancerous cells, another layer is removed and checked. This process is repeated until there are no cancerous cells detected at the edges. The procedure often takes several hours, but it saves the greatest amount of healthy skin possible and the patient leaves that day knowing that all of the cancerous cells are out of that area. Mohs surgery gives a cure rate as high as 99% for certain types of skin cancers.
As skin cancer experts, Clayton Dermatology Group follows guidelines for the use of this technique based on the type and size of the skin cancer, its location on the body, and other important features. You can trust that we will make the best possible recommendation for your situation.