Botox® & Fillers

Onabotulinum toxin and fillers are cosmetic treatments used to minimize the look of wrinkles, and create a more youthful appearance. Although they are both administered through injections, they work in different ways.

Botox® relaxes the small muscles in the face that cause wrinkle lines (i.e. between the eyebrows, frown lines, etc.). The effects of Botox® last for three to four months. Fillers are used to add fullness and volume to areas of the skin that have lost volume as a result of aging. These are usually injected into the cheeks, lips, temples. The effects of fillers vary depending on the area treated and the substance used, but the effects can remain from four months to two years.
Clayton Dermatology Group consults with each patient to determine the best treatment or combination of treatments to address the effects of aging on the skin.